Fashion/Photography: Ellen von Unwerth

Circus girls are the best. I’ve said that before, and Ellen von Unwerth is the proof. When she was eighteen, she went to see a small circus in Munich, Germany and caught the eye of the director. In the following three months, she made a living out of dressing up in a top hat and fishnet stockings, putting perfume on people, blowing bubbles, handing knives to the knife-thrower and assisting clowns. But in spite of the inherent awesomeness of circuses and their girls, that’s not the part of von Unwerth’s entertainment career I want to focus on. Ellen-von-Unwerth-Ponystep-04 While her life in pictures began with a creatively unfulfilling decade-long stint as a model (which began after she was spotted by a modeling agent on her very first day of university), it’s her photography that stole the show, first and foremost with a 1989 shoot for Guess? featuring some young German model named Claudia Schiffer. Since then, she has immortalized numerous other subjects – from that girl formerly known as James and Academy Award winners to mysterious Romani models – and her work has been published on magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, Vogue, GQ, Esquire and Vanity Fair; featured in numerous exhibitions such as 2012’s Do Not Disturb at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London and books such as 1999’s Wicked and 2009’s Fraulein. You just want to stare at those pictures.

Maybe it’s because of their sometimes smoky, sometimes shaky look; or the sometimes vibrant, sometimes shadowy lighting; or the energy; or the spontaneity – a product of her very own dislike of being forced to stand still as a model – in the pictured scenarios; or the ability of the sexier qualities of the pictures to marry any other aesthetic; or the circus allusions every once in a while, perhaps? Or maybe there’s just something about the way the models are shot… Or all of the above. You just want to stare.


claudiabeauty6 deschanel von unwerthEllen-Von-Unwerth-01zooeycircgiffords circuschrtcindy_crawford_by_Ellen_von_Unwerth_1991eva von unwerth700-daphne-groeneveld-@-numéro-145-august-2013-by-ellen-von-unwerth-513_marquiseellenvonunwerth-photographer_trackiJames King_Ellen_von_UnwerthEllen von Unwerthbeyonce

ellen von giffordsfabelhaft_audreytautou_unwerth005SMevonu


12-Amber-Heard-Ellen-von-Unwerth-for-Guess-Summer-2012patricia van der viletrasa zukauskaite25274_rose_mcgowan_by_ellen_von_unwerth_6_122_1132loJaime King photo shoot by Ellen von Unwerth (2001)

2013-11-07-EllevvonUnwerth_SmokinginBed1994portrait,beauty,beautiful,girl,beingwomen,fashion-ac0d83d4b65389fc86a485a54b0107c1_hellen von unwerth zooeyellen-von-unwerth-gq-4-2sep13-mag_bellenvon-rihanna-fenty-in-the-light



2013-11-07-EllevvonUnwerth_SmokinginBed1994Interview-Germany-Ellen-von-Unwerth-05ellen1frauleinjaime king ellen von unwertheva herzigovaMarion-Cotillard-by-Ellen-Von-Unwerth-for-Elle-France-Feb-2010schiffer4-liv-tyler-by-ellen-von-unwerth30230113_eva-270408-5ellenvonunwerth 30230113_eva-270408-13von unwerthnaomicampbellellen


zooey ellenellen-von-unwerth-guess201106amberheardeva green ellen von unwerth

ellen-von-unwerth3fabelhaft_audreytautou_unwerth009SMvon unwerth rosa circus

moss von unwerthvogue von unwerth moss




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